STP is an established IT professional services firm where senior IT leaders work to deliver high-impact business solutions for both large and small businesses. The staff shares one vision: a commitment to the client’s goals, a focus on delivery, full transparency, a bias for action, and 100 % dedication to client satisfaction.

STP is focused on delivering results which are “transformational” and yield high-impact benefits, financial and operational. STP is the only solution partner who provides an integrated suite of transformational services that enable companies, from small to large, to undertake the change process with managed risk and commitment.

The company effectively leverages decades of hands-on experience, the ability to produce results in 30 day sprints, a flexibility to deliver big scope transformational projects as well as point-solutions such as infrastructure, network implementations and phone system upgrades. STP utilizes an archive of risk mitigation and best practices, the capacity to assemble best-in class talent teams, and the skill to manage vendor relationships. If it’s an IT task done in the last 30 years, an STP member has done it.

STP’s Building Blocks Are: Client Centric – Long Experience – Bias for Action – Best Practices – Flexibility – Transparency

STP’s engagements have been executed to solve a broad range of needs: From strategizing transformational IT plans, to implementing new and emerging technologies, to modernizing legacy systems, to updating infrastructure, networks and phone systems, to providing IT leadership and IT talent to keep things running.