This 3 minute blog is urgent and intended for non-IT line managers who have responsibility for a project.

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Line managers are now hearing a new message during their career and performance reviews: Senior management is saying, “With half of the projects failing at the company, just talking-the-talk isn’t acceptable any longer. Managers must prove that they can walk-the-talk by delivering successful projects. Excuses will not be acceptable.”  In essence, success at managing projects is having a greater influence on the careers and income of line managers and their standing in the next reorganization’s pecking order.  As a result, line managers are on the hunt for the “secret sauce” that will –

  • Improve their project success rates
  • Convince senior management that they are best-in-class at managing projects
  • Elevate them above their peers

Fortunately, there are successful managers who have been on this hunt before you and have found the “secret sauce”. They’ve concluded that having the right PM is one of the key predictors for project success. According to them, projects led by “High-impact PMs” have a much higher probability of success.  Light weight PMs just can’t cut it. Building on that analysis, a list of 10 Critical Success Factors has emerged as a checklist when selecting a Project Manager. These criteria have lent more rigor, tracking, and other capabilities to the selection process. (check out the offer at the bottom of this blog – we will share “secret sauce” information with you – no cost, no strings)

  • The “Right” Type of Personal Commitment
  • The “Right” Type of Personality
  • The “Right” Interpersonal Skills
  • The “Right” Bias for Action
  • The “Right” Experience
  • The “Right” Attitude Towards Mentoring
  • The “Right” Concept of the PM Role
  • The “Right” Domain Knowledge
  • The “Right” Approach to Project Management
  • The “Right” Approach Towards Transparency & Governance

High-impact PMs that match these CSFs become the glue that holds the project and the project team together. Their maturity and experience in key areas enables them to resolve problems at the earliest stage, instantly read situations and people, be an ideal mentor, cope with difficult personalities, quickly spot problems, quietly question assumptions and estimates, dig into details, accurately assess the level of risk, develop solutions and build confidence among stakeholders.

You can get the “secret sauce” in a short conference call. There are no costs or strings attached to this offer. On a conference call, STP will flesh out these 10 CSFs so that you can incorporate them into your PM selection process. We will give you in-depth information on each CSF and tips on applying them. Contact ….. ….. ….. to set up a call.

Summit Technology Partners has Project Manager resources and a lineup of services, such as assistance with PM selection and health checkups, that focus on Project Managers and their work. The company’s goal is to immediately increase the effectiveness of PMs with the ultimate aim of improving project success rates.

STP works in 30 day sprints, our mode is “intense action”. We jump into the trenches and details in order to produce positive changes and meaningful improvements, quickly – we tackle the hard stuff, that is what we like to do. We don’t do academic reports that decorate a shelf in an office. We strive to help PMs and have significant positive impact, quickly.