The Day to Day World of Technology for the Small and Medium Sized Business

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Today’s Small and Medium Sized Businesses continue to see increased competition and competitive threats. Managing Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and IT can be an overwhelming task – particularly with the increased velocity of technological innovations. How can small businesses be agile, manage costs and remain current as technology continues to evolve at such a rapid pace? Investments into technology become obsolete almost as fast as they are implemented. The cost to continually modernize and digitize has significant impacts to both efficient operations and bottom line results.

At STP, we take a holistic view of your technology platforms so you remain competitive and relevant. It all starts with leveraging today’s cloud based systems for your communication platforms, your web environment and your specific applications and systems necessary for YOUR business.

Communication Platforms include both phone systems and e-mail systems. Communication systems are the life blood for all small businesses. Investments into on premise hardware is no longer the standard. Rather, hosted cloud based platforms requiring minimal initial capital expense has become the preferred platform. Improvements in circuit reliability combined with continued reductions in bandwidth costs make cloud based communication platforms the most efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions.

Web Environment includes circuits, networks, websites, ecommerce sites and all other applications in use within your company today. ‘Right sizing’ your circuit, configuration and implementation of your network and management of your entire on line platform is essential to maximize reliability and streamline your IT environment. Designing, building and managing dynamic websites to improve your company’s web presence leads to increased web clicks, and if done correctly increased sales. The use of modern technology to set up and manage your technology infrastructure combined with an optimized web presence improves the ROI for necessary technologies.

Our Managed Service model is founded on the premise that systems must be reliable, current and integrated while not requiring continued investment. Our approach de mystifies todays cloud based technology using best in class platforms for your business.

Our engagement starts with an assessment to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies through the use of technology…

  • Circuits, Network and existing hardware – What is the value of the current state? Can it scale as your business grows?
  • Communication Platforms – Modernization to cloud based systems?
  • Web environment – Re design and optimize for SEO?

Learn more about our Managed Service IT model. A model that yields greater benefits to the business, improves system reliability, protects your assets, remains current regardless of technology innovations, lowers risks, leverages existing resources and investments, and is based on numerous successes.