The Integrated World of Digital Modernization

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The business of IT is changing more rapidly than ever before! Most practitioners and Gartner take a bimodal view to IT transformation: modernization and digitization.The practical realities of managing two separate styles of work are complex and expensive.

In this race to keep pace, we take an alternate view that challenges the once and done approach. At STP, we view the modernization and digitization paths as one, integrated path to effective, sustainable, transformation.


Modernization is a leading indicator of change. It refers to the conversion, rewriting or porting of a legacy system to a current computer programming language, software library, protocols, or hardware platform. Modernization is typically driven by end of life cycles, high maintenance costs, lack of vendor support, inflexible architecture, difficulty in adding new features, and complex business models. Modernization is usually coupled with the simplification of business models.

Digitization is a leading indicator of transformation. It refers to the introduction of new technologies into the platform with the intent of retaining existing revenue streams and driving new revenue streams. Digitization is typically driven by fear of disruption, competitive offerings, and new business models. Digitization is rapidly transitioning from a innovative streak to a core competency for enterprises.

Our optimized IT transformation model is founded on the premise that these transformation modes are not mutually exclusive. Our approach brings the strengths of each mode to apply a continuously transformative mindset to addressing your IT transformation.

Our engagement starts with a current state assessment to identify the leading mode that applies to your business domain. Once we have identified the leading mode, we work with you to define an IT transformation strategy that is designed just for you. We seek to answer the following questions.

  • Does the modernization transformation nest within the digital transformation?
  • Does the digital transformation nest within the modernization transformation?
  • Is there an opportunity to execute both modes in parallel?

Contact us to learn more about our optimized IT model. Experience has proven our model sustainable and effective across industries.