By joining Summit Tech Partners you will have the support of a team of seasoned IT executives from leading enterprise companies that lead clients through the evaluation of business critical process. Our objective is to provide value in 30 day increments and help lead our clients through technical evolution. From digitalization to conversion to the cloud, we are there every step of the way.

Summit Tech Partners staff will help you rationalize your portfolio, manage your digital applications and streamline your information technology.

Summit Tech Partners advisory professionals will help you align your long and short term strategic and financial business objectives. With our carefully designed IT solutions, your systems will be a most valued business asset. Our teams are experts in the latest technologies and leverage that knowledge to create right sized solutions, manage implementations and monitor results.

How we do it:

STP advisory services teams collaborate with IT and business stakeholders to design strategies that result in operational excellence. We leverage our cross industry and cross functional expertise to provide the following accelerator services.

  • Independent assessment and enhancements of in-play strategies
  • Talent management and upgrade strategies to support the digital environment
  • Portfolio management and strategic road map design
  • Security and compliance framework design for a digital world
  • Operational KPI and process optimization that ensures success in the digital environment
  • Merger and acquisition integration design

We perform these services in 30 day sprints. Thereby bringing intensity, a bias for action, scalability and a built in exit strategy for you.

Advisory Services White Paper

Summit Tech Partners assists enterprises in the evaluation process of what should be digitized, what should be moved to the cloud and how to manage it all.

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This 2 minute blog provides managers with steps they can take to detect and correct project problems. Before it is too late.

By joining Summit Tech Partners you will have the support of a team of seasoned IT executives from leading...