Our Project Managers ….. “High Impact Resources”

While all roles in a project team are indispensable to its success, the role of the Project Manager is especially important because of the central role it fills and the numerous touch points Up, Down, and Across the enterprise. Considering its critical scope, we recruit and select “High Impact Resources” with these characteristics to fill Project Managers assignments:

Hard Skills

  • Deep experience in Risk Management and Mitigation techniques
  • Passion to know-and-master all technical aspects of Project Management
  • Evidence of constantly upgrading mastery of all aspects of Project Management
  • Full familiarity with major methodologies and tool sets (Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, etc.)
  • Internalizes the goals and deliverables of the assigned project in order to “walk the talk”
  • Experience in building business cases (understands process, financial, culture, change management, strategic and tactical)
  • Knowledge of how Project Management integrates with Compliance and Transparency
  • IT and Industry background that enables the PM to do a “deep dive” into the nitty gritty technical issues
  • Experience and full understanding of various Communications Programs

Soft skills

  • Personal Belief: Be of Service to Others
  • Highly developed human intuition
  • Strong Collaboration Skills
  • Demonstrated skills of managing Up-Down-Across
  • Proven ability to work with challenging personalities
  • Evidence of mature, fact-based, assessment thinking and an ability to deliver disappointing news
  • Focus on Identifying Actionable Tasks
  • Knows When and How to use Change Management
  • Quick Study of Situations & People
  • Strong Intellect
  • Not Afraid of Getting Into the Details, but Does Not Get Bogged Down by Endless Analysis
  • Adaptability and strength


  • Numerous successful large projects
  • A minimum of 1 successful Rescue/Recovery effort that was a Failing/Failed project
  • Hands-On Experience Managing in All Areas –
    • Business Analysis
    • Application Development
    • User Services & Liaison
  • Planning

Actionable White Paper - Project Management

The paper discusses low and high functioning PMs, who they are and what you can expect from them. It also provides you with 20 questions to determine if a high functioning PM is needed on a project.

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Our Project Managers ….. “High Impact Resources” While all roles in a project team are indispensable to its success,...