STP partners with best in class providers to provide the following reliable hosted services for small and medium size businesses.

  • Hosted VoIP that provides a feature rich, cloud based phone system
  • Hosted email platform that allows secure access from any device, anywhere

Hosted services are one of the greatest equalizers ever invented for small and medium businesses:

  • Now you can have the same data center and server technology as Fortune 500 companies.
  • The IT guru patching your software is the same one who does it for the biggest companies in the world.

A good example is how hosted services works is the way your company gets electricity. When you started your company, you didn’t build your own power generator plant. Instead, you contacted your local utility company, turned on service and plugged in on a pay for consumption model. That’s how it works with Summit Tech Partners solutions. Our solutions scale as you grow. You can expand or contract based on your business cycles. You don’t ever have to walk into a closet and re-start a server.

You will always be on the latest technology. It’s automatically updated at the source. Your hosted email automatically has the latest versions without you ever noticing the change.  Antivirus, spyware, and malware are huge problems if you run your own email servers. And you’ve got to constantly stay ahead of every virus. But if you’re using our managed services, you‘ll forget all about those problems.

Our hosted services scale as you grow.
You can expand or contract based on your business cycles.

If you’ve got a server in a rack room with data on-site, the hackers are smarter than the very best tech guy you can afford to hire. But they’re not smarter than Summit Tech Partners providers of hosted solutions – Apple, Microsoft and other hosted environment providers. Those companies have best-in-class engineers keeping your environment safe and you’re effectively renting them along with thousands of other companies. Those systems are totally redundant, so if your email goes down, there’s a copy in the cloud, which can be almost immediately recovered.

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The reliability, affordability and expertise of Summit Tech Partners IP business solutions will make them an indispensable asset to any competitive smaller enterprise.

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